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6 Important Steps To Getting That Perfect Wedding Gown

Getting the perfect wedding gown for you will help you have the perfect dream wedding. Imagine walking down the aisle looking like a fairy-tail princess, all eyes looking at only you. For most women this never happen because they don’t plan their wedding dress.


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But if you follow these simple tips your wedding gown will be just like you dreamed it would be:

  1. Many brides-to-be waited too long to have their wedding gowns made or altered. If you are planning to have made-to-measure gowns, be prepared to wait 40-60 days inclusive of alterations to get your final dress. Note that your dressmaker will charge you extra if you want them to rush for you. For alterations, get it done early so you will get your gown on time, and may even add or change certain thing you are unhappy about once you look at it for a while.
  2. Maintain your body weight during the fitting session to your wedding day. Yes, it’s a good idea to tone up and loss some weight but do not do anything too drastic (ever heard of crash diet that caused people to balloon up heavier than before?) or you will have to alter that dress again.
  3. Try on dresses of different types. The types are: A-line, Ballgown, Empire, Column and Mermaid. Each will work for different body shape. Even if you are in love with a certain design doesn’t mean that you’ll look good in it. Try on all types before you settle for the one gown. The result could be totally different than what you have in mind.
    • A-Line / Princess – The A-Line cut is a simple and unobstructed fitted dress from the upper body till the upper thigh area before it goes straight down to the floor. Because this is such a versatile dress, we see various variation of it, some feature ribbon belts and some with corset-like bodice and vertical panels, known as the Princess cut. The Princess cut is perfect to wrap around curves and slim the waist area.

      This design is very flexible and can suit all body shape.


    • Column – The column is a body-hugging dress that does not sweep the floor, but you can add a train if you want it to. The dress is straight and therefore give the impression of added height. Its tightness will accentuate curves in thin brides but will easily reveal fat areas such as tummy or rear. Movements will be slightly restricted due to it’s tightness and not recommended for heavier brides.
    • Empire – The Empire cut has a short upperbody part and long fitted dress flowing from just under the chest. Increasingly popular and good for most body types, this is one dress that enhances the bust area. To give an impression of fuller bust, use fabric layering or beads details to draw attention.

      Pregnant brides will find this design useful to conceal a growing tummy, and brides with a large hips or pear-shape body will also love this type of dress. You may be concerned about having a longer upper body with shorter legs. The Empire dress will give an impression of longer legs.


    • Mermaid – The Mermaid is a special dress, and not anyone can afford to wear one. It works with all body shapes as the mermaid allow your own body proportion to shine through. A highly sexy dress, you can choose where you want to mermaid end to fan out from the main dress. However, this dress does not necessary look good on everyone even if you have a well proportioned figure. Only the most daring brides with the most confidence will be able to pull it off.


    • Ball Gown – The Ball Gown has a dramatic, fluffy dress with train, much like what you see in fairytale stories. This dress is heavy and is not for short brides as it may look too dominating. Go for this look if you are well-endowed as the body-hugging top will showcase your best feminine curves.
  4. Don’t leave anything to chance. Get your matching shoes, accessories and underwear early and wear them on your fitting day so you get the exact look on your Big Day. Your bridal studio or dressmaker can then make the necessary alteration to your gown the way it was meant to be.
  5. For photography purpose, you may want to have gowns which are different from one another in terms of design and color. Otherwise, it may not be immediately identifiable that you have four dresses during your photoshoot since they are all white.
  6. Its a good idea to ask about the date you can collect your gown, whether your wedding gown vendor will be accountable if they make a mistake and whether you are going to be charged for alterations.

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