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Baby Changing Table Review

Best Baby Changing Tables Reviews

As a soon to be parent you are most likely already shopping around for all the new baby essentials you will need for your baby and your home. There is a lot to choose from and it can be hard to decide which are essentials and which you can do without. Baby changing tables are, for most parents an essential nursery item for a few different reasons. There are two main reasons why a changing table is a great investment.

First, as a new mom who has not only gone through a pregnancy and given birth, your body has been through a lot and the first few weeks with your new baby are an important time for recovery, especially if you had a difficult labor or a c-section. This is a time when your body needs to heal and your muscles and joints are most at risk of injury. Bending down to change your little one several times every day is not good for your back and a changing table is designed to be at just the right height so that you can easily change your infant without putting any strain on your back.

The second reason is more practical. Looking after a new baby is a joyful experience but it can also be a period of time where you struggle to keep things organized. Most moms will tell you that without organization it was hard to keep everything running smoothly. Baby changing tables are a great solution that offer lots of storage for all your infants essentials and helps you to keep everything in its place, giving you more time to relax with your little one.


Corner Baby Changing Tables

Diaper Changing Tables

These sturdy corner style baby changing tables are a great choice and work really well as a space saving soultion for the nursery. With three different color choices, white, espresso and natural finishes, they offer plenty of storage for all of your baby’s essentials with wide shelves to keep everything you need for your baby conveniently located beneath the changing area.

White Baby Changing Tables

These white baby changing tables will fit in well with any nursery theme and offer lots of storage space for diapers, clothing and other necessities. The clean look means they will look great in any area of the home and with a large changing area on top and ample storage they are a great investment which is suitable for both boys and girls.

Badger Basket Baby Changing Tables

The Badger Basket range of baby changing tables can be purchased with or without baskets. The baskets can be purchased separately. There are a few different styles available in this elegant range and with lots of storage for baby items they offer convenience for mom and comfort for baby. Each table features safety rails on top to help keep baby safe while changing and the padded mat is comfortable for baby. Each table also has a safety belt for extra security.

2 in 1 Baby Changing Tables

These 2 in 1 baby changing tables with baby bath are a great space saving solution. The combined bath and changing area is ideal for anywhere where space is limited. The tables are very easily moved from one room to another so you can give baby their bath in the family bathroom and change them anywhere in the house. The built in baths have a handy drain tube for emptying and the bath can be used to store baby’s bath accessories when empty. Storage space underneath leaves plenty of room for changing essentials like diapers, lotions, towels and much more.

Graco Baby Changing Tables

Graco is a well known name in baby furniture and these changing tables are an affordable choice for parents. They come with top safety rails and storage shelves under the changing area. The tables are an ideal height for changing your baby and have safety locking wheels so they can easily be secured or moved to another area of the home. Each table comes with a safety belt in the padded changing mat for extra safety.

Baby Changing Stations with Sink

Not every home will need one of these but these changing tables with built in sinks are ideal for larger homes or home day care workers. The built in sink is ideal for hygenic changing and the table offers lots of storage for everything your baby could need. The tables feature a large padded changing area and enclosed press storage to keep everything neat and organized. The tables also feature high sides to prevent accidents and the convenient sink is out of baby’s reach but ideal for mom.


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