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Baby Teething Rings and Toys

Best Baby Teething Rings, Teething Pacifiers, and Teething Toys

When your baby is teething it can be a difficult time for baby and for you. Baby teething rings and other baby teething toys can help your baby to relieve some of the pain he is experiencing as his gums itch and irritate him. Most babies will want to bite down on something when they are teething and there are lots of different types of products available for him to chew on from cooling teething rings to soothing pacifiers and teething toys.

Teething gels only work to an extent, you can only use a certain amount and the relief is short lived when a baby is teething around the clock for weeks you need a better solution, one that you can use at any time of the day, all day if necessary.

Teething can start anytime in your baby’s first few months, it can be early or late. It can also be easy or extremely difficult for your baby. Some babies experience only mild discomfort when teething, some experience no symptoms whatsoever but most will suffer a little with their teeth over a long period of time. When teething begins it can be months before a first tooth actually appears and it can be weeks or even a month or two before a second tooth appears. It can happen many different ways but most children will be teething for several months and it’s best to be prepared with a few inexpensive teething rings and toys in advance.

You can find a great selection below for boy and girls.

Popular Baby Teething Toys

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

This friendly giraffe teething toy is a best seller and is safe for baby to chew all day long. Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint so it’s perfectly safe and with many different parts to chew on your baby can get a good grip on his new toy and help ease his sore gums. The giraffe shape makes it easy to hold and the contrasting colors of Sophie are great for helping your baby to focus.


If your baby takes a pacifier then a teething pacifier may be just what you need when your baby’s gums are sore. There are a few different ones to choose from so you can find the ideal pacifier for your baby.

Razbaby Raz-Berry silicone Teethers Double Pack Both Colors in One Package.

These fun pacifiers are designed to help soothe your baby’s gums and the bumpy design will gently massage sore gums. The pacifier can be placed in the freezer for a while before giving to baby if they need quicker relief.


Wubbanub with Teether Pacifiers

Your baby will feel so comforted with his or her own plush toy to hold while using the attached teether pacifier. When they out grow the need for a pacifier, it can be removed and they can continue to enjoy their first stuffed animal for years to come. This would make a nice baby shower gift or gift for a newborn. The parents and baby are sure to appreciate it.

WubbaNub Elephant *COMBO* with Razbaby Raz-Berry Teethers (1 Blue and 1 Red)$18.70

A silicone teether can be really great for babies gums. They are non toxic and have no phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex so they are safe for your baby. Because they are silicone they really will last and they can be refrigerated or frozen to help cool your baby’s sore mouth. They can also be sterilized and are safe for use in the dishwasher. Babies love them because they can chew on any part and there are lots of different styles in bright colors that your baby will love.

Lifefactory 2 Pack Multi Sensory Silicone Teether, Sky/Spring Green

This pack of two silicone teething rings was designed by a pediatric feeding specialist and has four different sections to help your baby develop his oral motor skills as well as soothe his sore gums.


Teething necklaces for moms are fairly new but are becoming extremely popular with nursing moms and moms with babies who are teething. There are quite a few different types available but the most popular is the organic silicone necklace range from Jellystone Design’s. They are non toxic and BPA free. They are ideal for everyday use and because mom wears it, it won’t get lost and will always be there when you need it. This style comes in a variety of colors also.

Organic Pendant – Silicone Necklace (Teething/Nursing) (Grassy Green)


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