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Best Lego Sets For Kids

The name LEGO is known and loved throughout the world, and with good reason. A Lego set not only amuses a child for hours, but also teaches them many skills such as dexterity, focus and creativity.

There are Lego sets for every age group from tubs of large size bricks which are easy for little hands, to highly complex sets that make working models to hold the interest of the older children, and even possibly Dad!

The focus here is on sets for the ages of around 6 years old and upwards although looking through the reviews on amazon these Creator sets are enjoyed by anyone from the age of 4 years (with a little parental help) to a gentleman aged 70!

Lego Police Station

If your child wants to grow up to be a police officer, chances are they’ll love the Lego police station set. This set contains more than 800 pieces which include:

  • Characters – Naturally, you can’t have cops without also having robbers, so the set includes two robbers, four police officers and a police dog. Your child can use their imagination to play out all manner of cops and robbers scenarios with these characters.
  • Vehicles – The set includes a prisoner transport vehicle, a police bike and of course, a police car. Your child will love including these vehicles in their cops and robbers play.
  • Police station command center – Any police station needs a command center so that officers can be dispatched. The command center even includes computers, among other details.
  • Jail Cells – When the police catch one of the robbers, they need to be locked up; and the LEGO police station set includes two holding cells, one for each of the robbers included in the set.
  • Accessories – This set comes with a variety of accessories to make the police station more realistic. There is a wanted poster, an evidence room, handcuffs for the cops, a kennel and even a leash for the police dog. There are also guns and radios for the officers as well as crowbars for the robbers.

Children and parents alike love the Lego police station. This three story police station set is great fun for children to assemble and both kids and adults will love the level of detail in this set.

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Lego Creator Apple Tree House

One of the most popular Lego sets around is the Lego Creator House, a three in one set that converts from summer home to town house to country house. The set includes:

  • A Removable roof – The roof can easily be lifted, allowing children (or adults) to play inside.
  • Doors and windows that open- Children will be delighted by the set’s doors and windows which open, just like the ones on a real house.
  • Outdoor Furniture and accessories – The yard included with the Lego Creator House is spacious enough to fit outdoor furniture and other accessories; the set includes a lawnmower, picnic table, outdoor light and a mailbox complete with mail. There’s even a ladder included.
  • Outdoor recreation – The set includes a fully working see-saw and a basketball hoop.
  • Convertible – This set is 3 different homes in one. It can be a country style home, a summer home or a tall townhouse, so you’ll never get a chance to become bored with this Lego set.
  • Durable – Just as you’ve come to expect from Lego, this set is made from tough plastic LEGO pieces which are built to last for years of playtime.

The detail of this set is amazing and along with everything else that it includes, there is an apple tree you can add to the yard, complete with fruit which you can place in the tree or on the ground. You can build a stone path to the front door, place a satellite dish on the roof or use a porch light or lamp post as an outdoor light for the home.

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Lego Mindstorms NXT – A Truly Amazing Lego Set!

With this new set, Lego Mindstorms NXT, Lego has upped the ante with a robotic toy which lets kids build, program and play; and certainly, your children will enjoy playing with Mindstorms NXT.

This set allows you and your child to discover some of the fundamentals of engineering and robotics. It’s simple enough for children to enjoy and of course, it makes learning fun as well. The following are some of the most important features of Lego Mindstorms:

  • The instructions are in plain language and are easy to follow. There are also plenty of tutorials available online if you need some help. It can take some time to build your robots, but of course, the process of building is at least half of the fun of playing with this set.
  • Once you and your children become familiar with the set, you can create a wide variety of robots using the sensors, motors and other components included.
  • Like all Lego products, the parts are incredibly durable. They will most likely last for years to come and are easy to replace if they are broken or become lost.
  • The Lego Mindstorms programming interface is intuitive and user-friendly. If your child is as tech-savvy as most, they’ll probably figure it out on their own long before you do! It’s designed for ages 10 and up, but children a few years younger will probably do fine with this set as well.
  • Mindstorms includes 619 different parts along with 16 different programming and construction challenges you and your child can work on together. There are also four different robot designs you can make and play with or you can create your own designs.
  • It’s simple enough to be fun for kids yet complex enough to engage adults, so it’s fun for parents and kids alike.
  • LEGO Mindstorms NXT uses standard batteries, so it’s easy to get replacements.
  • You can build robots like Alpha Rex, a robot with a humanoid shape which can walk, see, navigate its surroundings, distinguish the colors of different objects, avoid obstacles in its path and even talk. Alternately, you could build Shooterbot, which shoots balls; it’s up to your child’s imagination and that’s what makes Lego Mindstorms so much fun.

Lego Mindstorms NXT is a Lego set which takes fun to a whole new level and makes learning enjoyable at the same time. It’s a great way to introduce your child to robotics, engineering, programming and electronics that they’ll have endless hours of fun exploring and discovering.

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The Lego Ninjago Fire Temple – An Unusual And Stunning Set

Children love detailed toys with exciting, easy to follow stories that fuel their imaginations; and this is exactly what you’ll find in the LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507. This is a Lego set with a story to tell; a story of four heroic characters battling the evil Nya Lord Garmadon and his army of skeletons to keep them from getting the Dragon Sword of Fire.

All of the action is set in a miniature temple which your kids can build themselves. The Lego Ninjago Fire Temple is designed for kids of 8 to 14 years of age and offers the following features:

  • While building the temple is a lot of fun in itself, the real fun begins once the temple is completed. The temple can be split into two pieces to make the game play easier as well.
  • The figures included in the set are: Kai (the hero), Zane, Spinjitzu master Sensei Wu, Kruncha, the villain Nya Lord Gamadon and his henchman Samukai as well as the fire dragon.
  • There are a variety of weapons in the Lego Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 set, including three black swords, three golden swords, two silver swords, a thunderbolt, two daggers and a bone axe, all of which are as durable as you would expect from a Lego product. The four weapons which are instrumental to the story and game are also included: the Nunchuks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, the Scythe of Quakes and naturally, the ultimate weapon, the Dragon Sword of Fire.
  • The set is designed using a color theme reminiscent of ancient Japan; even the fire dragon has been designed to fit in with this theme, as have the character figures.
    At the end of the story, the fire dragon breathes fireballs; and this is something children will definitely love and work into their playtime aside from the game itself. The dragon is also partially poseable, which adds to the fun.

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple 2057 is more than simply a Lego set and more than just a game. It’s a challenging, entertaining set which allows your young ones to develop their building skills while allowing them to let their imagination roam. Your child will love it and you’ll love playing with this Lego set right along with them.

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