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Energy Conservation Ideas

With the world’s resources depleting by the day, many experts have projected that in a few decades all of it will become scarce and almost non-existent. This is why many environmentalists are pushing methods on energy conservation. These methods are said to help the world preserve energy sources to save some for future generations. If you, too, want to help conserve energy, here are a few tips to remember:

Use CFL’s (compact fluorescent light bulb) – switch your old incandescent bulbs to CFL’s. These are found to help reduce energy consumption by up to 60%. It has a simple switch that will help reduce up to 300 pounds of carbon dioxide emission in a given year. Imagine if all households in the country will switch to using CFL’s. We can reduce up to 90 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emission per year and consume significantly lesser amount of energy.

Turn Down The Thermostat

Move your thermostat 2 degrees up or down – moving your thermostat setting to 2 degrees down during the wintertime and 2 degrees up during the summertime. Most of the energy consumption of households goes to cooling and heating. But by doing this method, you can help lessen carbon dioxide emissions by up to 2,000 pounds a year. Moreover, this allows you to consume less energy as well helping you save on electricity bills. Not only will you help make the air cleaner but also help your pocket save more money.

Clean Or Replace Air Conditioning Filters

Replace filters – clogged and unclean filters can make your air conditioner function less efficient and effective. Additionally, this can make the air conditioner consume more energy to produce the cooling effect that you need. But by simply replacing filters, you can make your air conditioner function more efficiently thereby consuming less energy. Moreover, clean filters help reduce up to 350 pounds of carbon dioxide emitted by air conditioners alone per year.

Use A Kleen Screen To Save Energy

Cut Your Electric Bill By Making Your Air Conditioner Energy Efficient
A/C condenser filtration system. Save energy and prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. This item can reduce the electricity needed to cool your home by 30 percent!

Versa Lift

Versa Lift attic lift system makes organizing the garage a breeze. The safe and easy way to use attic storage space.

Home Dumbwaiter Lifts

A dumbwaiter elevator lift to move things between floors at home is easier and safer. Residential and Commercial Dumbwaiters available.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Choose energy efficient appliances – looking for energy star labeled appliances is also one way of energy conservation. These are said to be the most efficient appliances consuming less energy but gives the same power and performance. Imagine if all households in the country will replace all appliances to an energy star. We will be lessening our carbon footprint by up to 175 million per year.

Use less hot water – when not really needed, do not use hot water. Heating water consumes a lot of energy. But if you really need to use hot water, install a low flow shower head. There is lesser amount of energy needed to heat water using this shower head. Also, switching to this can help lessen carbon dioxide emission by up to 350 pounds per year.

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