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Lego Star Wars Sets: A Great Collector’s Item And Just Great Fun

Toys are precious collectibles these days, especially large and iconic sets such as Lego Stars Wars sets. Gone are the days when these plastic toys were just playthings to carelessly toss around and discard. The generation of children who originally grew up on the movie and TV characters depicted in these toys now has the purchasing power as grown-ups to reminisce and resurrect their childhood through these items.

As such, there is a very large market for toys and figurines such as Lego Star Wars sets. These are particular in high demand and very expensive due to the detailed number of components in the set. As the sets are issued, they become limited in availability and therefore very valuable. Those with complete components would also be hard to find and high desirable. As one would imagine, the price of these complete and mint-condition sets are very high.

Precious Collection Toys

The toy market has become so lucrative that even people who are not necessarily toy enthusiasts are cashing in on the trade by rummaging for rare items in their attics, garages, or storage rooms. Toys such as Lego Star Wars sets are highly collectible because they have a good, loyal following among fanatics of the movie franchise.

Lego Star Wars Sets

Let’s start your own journey to the Star Wars World

With multiple sets of Star Wars from Lego they can have the endless imagination to build their own “Star Wars” fantasy. They can have their own story to share with their friends.

Choose your side and the new story of Star Wars begin..

Fun For Hours With Lego Star Wars Sets

Lego Star Wars sets are no less exciting and rewarding to assemble than the other toy sets that have come out under this iconic movie franchise line. These sets recreate the fantasy and adventure from the Star Wars movies. Here you find my top 3 picks of Star Wars Lego sets:

1. LEGO Star Wars Hoth Echo Base

Recreate Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back…

Help Han Solo and the rebels make preparations to escape the incoming Imperial attack. The LEGO Star Wars Hoth Echo Base is an awesome entry into the world of LEGO Star Wars. The packaging reads that it is intended for ages 7 – 12, but Star Wars collectors of all ages will love this set. It contains 155 pieces, and comes with mini-figures and some great extras.

Battle for Echo Base

The centerpiece of this set is Echo Base itself. On the top side of the missile launcher is a compartment perfect for seating one of your minifigs. The missle tower’s top hatch can rest in the up or down position. Inside the tower itself is enough space to store another mini figure and close the door to hide him. This space is surprisingly roomy for a LEGO Star Wars piece.

The Echo Base control panel has a kind of catapult system within it, which you can use to enhance the playability of this set. There is a long black tube on the front of the control area that attaches back to the missile tower. The Base also contains a storage box for weapons or other items you may wish to store.

Great Minifigures with this set…

This set includes a Han Solo mini figure, dressed in cold weather gear with a great snow hood. His torso also features some binocular printing along with detailed clothing including a holster and belt. Included also are Rebel Troopers, with a new working visor that flips up and down for use. His tan coat, white backpack, and familiar torso markings will look familiar to LEGO Star Wars enthusiasts. There are two in this package, and one includes a long blast rifle. Included also is a Snow Trooper, with a helmet that detaches along with the backpack. This is all one piece. With his helmet/backpack removed, this figure has no printing on the back of his torso.

The other Snow Trooper in the set can be used to shoot the included E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster, a cool weapon indeed. The E-Web Repeating Blaster is gray and black, with support legs and an imposing barrel. There is a power box affixed to it that you can remove if you wish.

The set features a brand new Tauntaun. With moveable horns and some menacing eyes, this figure is an improvement over earlier versions in LEGO Star Wars sets. He’s got a seating space for your Han figure, and some binoculars.

2. LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship

The LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship (7676) is available at some select web sites and toy retailers. This set is an awesome entry into the world of LEGO Star Wars. Recommended for ages 9 – 14, it is also a great item for Star Wars enthusiasts of any age. It contains 1034 pieces, and comes with mini-figures and some great extras.

Star Wars Minifigures – Loads of Jedi and Clone Minifigures

Mini figures included in this set are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Asajj Ventress, Commander Cody and a Clone Trooper. The Obi Wan in his new Clone Wars uniform makes this mini figure something special. The detail in his torso is impressive, looking good and something you’re going to want in your collection. This includes also the first Plo Koon mini figure that LEGO Star Wars had made up to the point this set was released. A first in this set is Asajj Ventress, who has some great detailing and just isn’t found elsewhere in the LEGO Star Wars universe.

The Clone comes complete with his own speeder, which users can deploy from the back as needed in battle. This is just the first of the many awesome features you’ll find in the LEGO 7676 Star Wars Republic Gunship.

Hidden Features of the Lego Star Wars Gunship

Storage compartments, flick missiles, and probe droids

On the front of the Gunship is a roomy compartment that can open; within, a command station for your use. Open yet another compartment and see the medical tank or “healing chamber” that flies on board the LEGO 7676 Star Wars Republic Gunship. These somewhat minor but very meaningful details set this Gunship apart.

You’ll find a variety of additional features on the back of this set. On the wing of the Gunship you’ll find the bubble cockpit, with space for a mini figure. Both wings feature this same cockpit. Moving up the wing to the center of the gunship are two positionable cannons, huge weapons that dominate in battle. Eight flick-fire missiles live between the two cannons, which bring some fun playability to this set. Eight is more than you’re going to get in many LEGO Star Wars sets. Yet another swivel gun lives on the back of the Gunship, and two swivel guns populate the frong. Two cockpits house your mini figures, and have a slim line look on the front of the Gunship.

In yet another compartment, right below the battle cannons, you’ll find two mini probe droids, a fun “extra” to make this set feel really special.

This version of the Gunship contains 400 more pieces than found in the previous version of this ship. That, in and of itself, should be revealing as to just how much detail has been put into this ship. Multiple compartments, plenty of mini figures, and a huge array of firepower make this Gunship something that you’re going to want to have as soon as possible.

3. Lego Star Wars AT-TE Set

The LEGO 7675 Star Wars AT-TE Walker is available now, and an awesome entry into the world of LEGO Star Wars. Recommended for ages 9 – 14, it is also a great item for Star Wars enthusiasts of any age. It contains 799 pieces, and comes with mini-figures and some great extras.

Whether you are a collector or getting the sets for your kids, you’ll love the Lego universe’s treatment of this Star Wars walker.

More Star Wars Minifigs with the AT-TE Walker

A run down of the characters included with the AT-TE Walker. Mini figures in this set are impressive, with a great array of characters. Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper and Battle Droid mini figures, plus Rotta the Hutt all make an appearance here. This Battle Droid is no stranger to LEGO Star Wars owners, and this particular droid does not carry a gun. The Anakin is also a figure that is seen elsewhere in the LEGO Star Wars universe, so no surprises with that figure. Captain Rex comes in this set, looking great with admirable detail.

The STAP vehicle comes in this set to accompany your Battle Droid. The newly-designed wings and four blasters make this STAP vehicle a step up from previous versions.

Hidden Compartments and Swivel Guns

More features that make this a great building and play toy

Open up the hatch at the back of the vehicle, where you’ll find a compartment for four of your mini figures and four weapons. The other hatch under the AT-TE gun has open space as well, with a container for whatever you want to put there. The driver chair is in the front, utilizing a nice sliding mechanism.

The front of the AT-TE Walker has four swivel guns, giving this unit some great firepower. The back has two swivel guns as well, which compounds the heavy firepower. The legs on the unit have a rubber band mechanism that give it a nice snap-back when they’re pulled downward. The piece itself is extremely sturdy, and will stand up to the play you have planned for it.

The front has a button for shooting good-sized missile. You get two of these, only adding to the massive firepower you get with the AT-TE Walker. Your Clone Trooper fits right in the central weapon of the AT-TE Walker. With its 360 degree range, this gun is effective defense against Imperial forces, and has a 45 degree range top to bottom.

The six-legged walker is close to the source material, featuring a look lifted straight from the Clone Wars. This LEGO Star Wars AT-TE measures 15.5″ (39cm) wide and 8″ (20cm) tall.

Build out the entire Star Wars Universe

Lego is addictive! You can’t stop with just one of the sets from the Star Wars universe. Collect more rebels, Jedi, clones, and Imperials to set up your own battles.



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