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Model Airplane Kits for All Ages

Model airplanes are a fun way for your child to achieve a feeling of accomplishment and joy, when he or she completes the airplane model.

Your child will have hours of fun piecing together their favorite airplane. It’s a good project to motivate them to follow directions, to take pains with their work and to enjoy the achievement of completing the project. There are many varieties of model airplanes here to choose from, too!

These make great birthday and Christmas gifts for children who love to work with their hands and build things. There are some terrific model airplanes showcased here!

Model Airplane Kits – Popular for Decades

Maybe you assembled a model airplane kit when you were a kid and your father did as well in his day. These have been popular for generations and aren’t just for kids. Adults can tackle the more challenging kits and add a level of painstaking detail that elevate model airplanes to an art form.

Learn How To Assemble Model Aircraft Kits

If you are new to the hobby of building model aircraft then this page should be able to help you.You will find instructional videos and books below to teach you the basics, and many different models for sale that you can work on. Enjoy your short time here, make the most of it and get in touch if you need any further help or advice.

Videos Which Teach The Basics.

After you have watched these videos you will be building your kits like a pro. These videos explain things far better than I can and let you know everything you really need to assemble intricate and detailed models.

Top Model Plane Kits

What’s Out There for RC Airplanes?

Model RC airplanes are increasing in popularity across the board. There are many reasons why radio controlled (RC) planes are popular. The concept of being able to master and fly these realistic reproductions offers untold hours of fun for RC powered hobbyists of all ages. It makes a great father-son hobby as well!

However, with the available selection of model RC airplane sizes, styles, and features increasing almost daily, choosing the best plane for you can be a little intimidating. For those that like a little variety in their radio controlled adventures, here is some good news.

There are three basic powerplants currently available such as electric models, gas powered, and nitro-powered. The electric models are by far the best way for a new flyer to learn this great hobby. As your experience and ability increases you can move up to the more complex gas and nitro models.

You can read more about RC model planes in this article, it will help you get the right plane for you and give you advice on how to handle and take care of your planes…





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