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My Transition from “Party Diva” to Stay at Home Mom of 7

It’s been 12 years since the last time I considered myself a happy-go-lucky “DIVA” who lived life to the fullest; partying, clubbing, bar-hopping, shopping, traveling, dating, fine dining, wine-tasting, splurging on things, pampering myself from head-to-toe, and basically LIVING LA DIVA LOCA!

Let me tell ya, it was so very FABULOUS and too much FUN!!!  

Now, as this is my “come-back” lens, my “get-to-know-me” lens… I’d love to share with you first of all my memories of that time. Then I’ll cover a bit about my first pregnacy, and what it was like to be a first time mom, the trials that come with it, and how I managed to get the help I needed from the Greatest Mother of All. Next I’ll share with you all how things have changed, with a few images of all my beautiful babies to help you along.

In conclusion, I go back near the end and contrast my time being single, my single attitude, my diva clothes, my diva friends, and living the “Diva” life in Washington, DC and all my fabulous hangouts in the surrounding Northern Virginia area. NoVA!!!

I’ve moved around a lot since then, have learned many life lessons, and have had my share of struggling through some really tough pregnancies. Needless to say, I have had my hands more than full for quite a while now!

I’ve had such a wonderful time sharing my story here on the internet. And as time permits, won’t you please hang out with the “Diva2Mom” for a few, and “meet” someone new?!


My Transition from Diva to Stay at Home Mom of 7 Children

A Successful, Career Focused “Diva” happily embraces Motherhood

Yes you read it correctly, and NO, that wasn’t a typo, I said “seven” children, haha! If you’re single and hoping to start a family soon or a new mom who’s still quite getting the hang of a new life called “Motherhood“, or….a Busy mom wishing to relate to my situation, this one is for you!

Yes, it’s been 12 years since the last time I considered myself a happy-go-lucky “DIVA” who lived life to the fullest—dancing, drinking, keeping up with the latest fashion & trends, traveling & relaxing, dating, dining, hanging out at the Spa, keeping up with my fabulous friends, etc. I was basically out there enjoying my time and freedom being single. In other words, I had a fabulous time!!!  That pretty much explains the whole concept behind Diva2Mom… the last 12 years!

I remembered being a totally different person back then. I had a great-paying job in DC Metro and lived in a fancy and well-decorated studio apartment, overlooking the amazing views surrounding Georgetown, and other tall buildings downtown of Washington DC. At night, since I lived by myself, I always looked forward to coming home from work so I could enjoy the breathtaking view that was accessible from my own windows, with a glass of red wine of course, and the soothing sounds of Jazz.

I must say, my life was pretty easy back then. I’d go to work, which was only a walking distance from my apartment, and enjoyed working as a Clinical Research Analyst/Global Medical Research Investigator. I loved exactly what I did so much that I became a “workaholic”, and a serious career-minded person.  I even went back to school to get my second Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networking as I became more ambitious. Don’t even ask me if marriage ever came across my mind back then, haha, because I was in the zone to work hard and get my career goin’.

Back then…I Just Loved to Party.

As I said…life was quite luxurious and amazingly fabulous back then simply because “Day-In and Day-Out”, it was ALL ABOUT whatever I could enjoy that was easy and fun. During the work week, working hard to be good at my job was exactly that, EASY and FUN. I loved socializing with my co-workers, and at nighttime, there were so many adventures to choose from: Bar-hopping, Fine-Dining, Casual Dining, Dancing to Trance at whatever “happening” club seemed to be IN at the time. I was also fond of simply chillin’ at home by myself or with my fellow “Divas”!

My life calendar was pretty much predictable in a way, but not all the way, because sometimes I’d change my mind at the last minute and do something unexpected or unplanned. It was predictable in a way that I would work on weekdays, but when the weekend came, I was always ready to unwind, relax, and party to the max.

My weekends were fully reserved for my own personal enjoyment and entertainment, nothing else. Saturday morning was my most favorite day and time to go out and shop for a new outfit to be worn later at night. I was so into myself that I’d spend so much money at the Spa alone just to give me that beauty boost that I thought I needed. As a beauty-conscious person, I’d also splurge on make-ups, moisturizers, perfumes, and other top beauty products that would complement well with my outfits. These were important things to me back then.

As far as my diva outfit goes, I had my own personal Fashion assistant/consultant to assist me, my own Fashionista friend Jon. We both made sure that my complete wardrobe for each event( head-to-toe) including shoes, jewelries and handbags, etc. were all perfectly and beautifully chosen. And it’s good thing I made a lot of extra money back then to support my “diva” style, because it surely WAS NOT CHEAP! As the old saying goes…”How I wish I knew then…” what I definitely know NOW… that these material things were just NOT necessary (as I thought) to make me truly happy as a person. If I could have saved all that money for my children to have now….UGH! 🙂 We live and learn I suppose!

Oh well, I had a blast anyway and I must say, I should not regret it at all. It was also a big part of my “past” life and it was absolutely amazing and memorable! I’ll never ever forget it! This “Livin’ La Diva Loca” life experience has actually taught me a LOT and has given me the right, positive attitude to stay simple and humble now, and most importantly, to happily embrace all the changes in my life now as a hands-on mother of 7.

Yup, my old “fabulous” diva lifestyle has definitely helped me realize that my new life now as a stay-at-home mom may not be as easy and luxurious as it used to be. However, the life of being a mom of 7 definitely gives me more peace, happiness, love and satisfaction.

Embracing my Motherhood

Back then, “I was never content”….now, “I feel much happier…”

Motherhood, as we all know, is a lifetime passion and commitment. It requires a lot of love and patience. A nurturing, caring mom will always put her children FIRST before herself.

What makes Motherhood so unique and beautiful is its way of connecting the hearts between the mother and child endlessly. The special love and bonding between the two is what Motherhood is all about. That’s why Motherhood has become my new life, passion, devotion and HAPPINESS. Yes, my true happiness.

The difference between my life back then and now is clear and huge. Yes I had much easier life back then and lived incomparably luxurious …but the question is: Was I really happy, or maybe I just loved being SO into myself?

The Answer is simple: Even with all that “glittery and glamorous-sounding” lifestyle of a “happy-go-lucky” diva that I used to have back then, I was actually still NOT content; something was still missing in my life.

As soon as I woke up in the morning from partying a night before, I would sit in my apartment and stare at the wall thinking, “now what?” There seemed to be an emptiness there. ..and I was not fulfilled as a person.

No matter what I did before, I was NEVER content. I thought I was happy…then I realized, after all, I was NOT.
I ONLY found out that I was actually miserable when I finally became a mother, because then I had a perfect opposite lifestyle to compare it with.

It’s ONLY through MOTHERHOOD that I’ve experienced REAL CONTENTMENT and TRUE HAPPINESS. I feel much happier, more peaceful, more satisfied and fulfilled.

Should You Be a Stay at Home Mom?

Have you ever wondered if being a Stay At Home Mom is for you?

There are lots of things to consider:

– How can I afford to stay at home? Will we be able to keep our home afloat with one income?

– What do I do if I feel guilty not working outside the home?

– What will my husband say?

Working From Home Mom

When push comes to shove, a Mom has to do what a Mom has to do! Many of us have been out in the workplace, working back and forth from the office, only to come home and work even harder in the home with our children.

Today though, Moms have the opportunity to make money and save money by sharing their experiences and networking with other folks out there who now find themselves working out of their home.

Mothers have often been the first to realize that the home is not only where you hang your hat. With a good connection and knocking a little rust of the typing fingers, Mom-friendly sites  have made easier than ever to earn a few dollars on the side in between diaper changes and meals and cleanings, and the few moments of rest that we so rarely get.

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