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Top 7 Wedding Tips To Have A Glamorous Wedding With Breaking The Bank

Do you know that the average wedding in the U.S.A cost $27,000 and GBP19,000 in the U.K? Are you ready to spend such huge amount of money for your wedding? Have you even allocate that much?

Here are 7 tips to hold a glamorous wedding without breaking the bank:

#1 : Get A Fake, Small Cake

wedding cake

Not many people will look forward to having cakes when they are spoiled with a variety of food at your reception. A smaller cake will do, and still give you a sense a grandness. Have a multi-layer Styrofoam cake with icing on the outside, if you have to, use real cake only at the bottom. Flatter a relative who love to bake by asking him / her to bake and decorate your wedding cake.

#2 : Forget The Limousine

wedding car

Chauffeur-driven limousine may seem opulent, but it is a total waste of money. I’m sure you have rich relatives with nice cars to loan you for your special day or pre-owned car dealer friends with connections to enable you to loan their cars with little of no fee.

Assign your brother or cousin to become the driver. The limo scenario is becoming more and more flexible, with couples using SUVs and minivans to antique cars. So, there is no right or wrong here.

#3 : Go No Frills On Your Honeymoon

wedding cruiseBudget airliners transformed the travel industry and broaden your choice of affordable honeymoons.  If you don’t mind the wait, having stopovers will lower the price of your air tickets compared to direct flight. Since there’s only two of you with no kids or elders, flying at night or early in the morning will also reduce your cost.

Select countries with a smaller currency value than yours so you can pamper yourself without the guilt. Book your room reservation online for best rates. When you do, tell them that you are staying over for your honeymoon and check if they have any special package. You may be able to find packages with romantic candle light dinner and spa thrown in if you pay just a bit more.

Why limit yourself to just flying? Joining a cruise with short excursions can take you to many destinations on your honeymoon. Sounds expensive? Read my cruise vacation article.

#4 : Keep Tab On The Alcohol

wedding drinks

Do not automatically serve everyone wine or liquor. Instead, have 2 or 3 waiters walk round with glasses of wine to serve those who drink. Not everyone drinks and it is a waste to assume so. This way, you please both groups of people while saving cost.

In some culture, it is acceptable to set up a bar, where guests have to pay for their own drinks after the fixed amount of alcohol runs out. This can be a huge money-saver, especially your guests are heavy drinkers.

#5 : Making / Customize Your Own Wedding Gown

wedding gown

Wedding dresses can be tailor-made by non-wedding, experienced seamstress. Why pay more when you can easily pick out the fashion you want and have them custom-made according to your body measurements?

If you want less hassle, buy a ready-made basic dress and have it altered according to your liking. Who knows what you want better than yourself?

#6 : Get Married At Non-Peak Season

winter weddingPeak wedding season are from June to October, but Chinese community will generally avoid July as it is inauspicious. In the simple game of supply and demand, you will emerge a winner if you are willing to avoid the crowd. You’ll also get more bargaining power when it comes to negotiating for freebies such as usage of own alcohol with no charge.

Most people will host their wedding reception on a Saturday night, but I see more and more couples hosting an afternoon reception on Saturdays and Sundays. Instead of serving sit down dinner, they opt for buffet for their guest. This will knock off some nice discount off your bill.

If you still want a grand feast with special discount, try doing it on a Friday night. Your guest will be able to drink and party till late since Saturday is a day off for most.

#7 : Have An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

You’ll save tons of money if you host your wedding reception outdoors. No expensive hotel food, no hall rental, and simpler gowns for yourself, your fiance and your bridesmaid. Your biggest worries is the weather. Other than that, you may have to figure out the audio system and tents yourself.

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