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Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers

Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces: No Flowers!

There are a lot of wedding centerpieces without flowers to choose from. Our favorite option is to go with candles. That doesn’t limit your choice much, believe us!

There are wedding lantern centerpieces, candelabra centerpieces, and even some lovely mini-chandelier options. Best of all, these centerpieces will provide romantic lighting too!

On the fence about using this type of centerpiece? Well, consider this: After the wedding, you can give these candle decorations to your most treasured guests as a thank you gift. A precious keepsake of your glorious day.

Candelabras for Weddings

It’s really hard to top the candelabra for romantic lighting! In fact, it just might be impossible to do. Especially with some of these great options.

There are wedding candelabras that are shaped like flowers and hearts, too. So if you are looking for something unique for your big day, these may just be it.

The great thing about these candle holders is that they can be used even after the wedding. Imagine all those future anniversary dinners lit by the very same candelabra that served at your wedding!

These are also great for those dim wedding and reception halls. They can add romance and light at the same time.

Please note that some of these options are for a specific quantity of candelabras. (Think one for each wedding table!) Others are for a single candelabra. Also these are but a small sample of what’s available. If you don’t find the one you are looking for, be sure to check out Amazon’s full line of Wedding Candelabras.

Wedding Lantern Centerpieces

If you want the option of enclosing that flame, for safety’s sake or otherwise, you may be looking for a wedding lantern instead of a candelabra. These options are generally more stable and safe than that of a simple open flame. If your wedding party is going to include kids (or even klutzy adults)–these may be the way to go.

But don’t think you have to lose the romantic feel of the candle by going with a lantern. In fact, some of these lanterns are a great inspiration to pure fantasy.

These are the perfect option if you are going for a classic, old-fashioned wedding theme. Simple, elegant, and beautiful, these lanterns can be used long after the “I do’s” have been said.

And if you don’t find your lantern here, be sure to check out Amazon’s full line of wedding lantern centerpieces.

Special Note: Some of these options are for the purchase of multiple lanterns, while others are for the purchase of a single lantern centerpiece.

Candle Wedding Centerpieces eBay

eBay is known for the place to go when you looking for that elusive item. So if you haven’t found that perfect wedding centerpiece, why not look there?

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